About MiQASA

MiQasa is a Home Automation manufacturer based in Indian and providing wireless, affordable smart home solutions called "QASA" Smart Switch Boards. Our products are designed with Indian consumer & conditions in mind. Our range of products in the home automation field include Comfort, Convenience & Security. 

MiQasa offers its clients an elegant home and lifestyle experience through its exclusive, state of the art line of virtual smart touch electric switches. Our product line is an unique blend of smart touch technology and striking visual design. By fusing style and beauty with smart technology, MiQasa brings both functionality and aesthetics to the home and office.


Just wondered and participated in feedback campaign of MiQASA. They have installed the system for a month to collect my feedback and it was amazing experience in controlling home power system. Waiting for they big bang launch in market.

Pune, India

I am proud to be part of MiQASA invention. As a test user the switches are installed at home and now I don’t need to worry about the power losses. I can manage my home power in a intelligent smarter way. Thank you MiQASA!

Sheker Malhotra
Mumbai, India