QASA is world's first smart switch board. MiQasa is simplifying home automation through QASA Switch Boards.

What is home automation?

Home automation is the residential extension of building automation. It is automation of the home, housework or household activity. Home automation may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. Home automation for the elderly and disabled can provide increased quality of life for persons who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care.

The popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly in recent years due to much higher affordability and simplicity through smartphone and tablet connectivity. The concept of the "Internet of Things" has tied in closely with the popularization of home automation.


Can I monitor and control my home from anywhere? What will I require for that?

Yes, you can. You will need an always-on broadband connection at your home. You will also need your smartphone or tablet that will run Android™ or Apple iOS™ operating systems. Qasa’s app also needs to be downloaded and registered on these devices.

Will system work in case of power failure also?

Yes, the Inverter/Generator shall enable the system to work even in case of power failure. The system has its own backup to manage the transition from mains to Inverter/Generator set power & backup.

Do these Smart Switch Boards need any special Technical skills to install & operate?

No. All our QASA Switch Boards are  simplified to be installed easily. And hence, a good electrician can istall and user can operate in any of the three modes specified.

Do these Switch Boards need any special wiring?

No. These Switch Boards are designed and simplified to go with the same electrical wiring practices of a legacy switch board. While at the construction phase, if you give us a go ahead, then you will be ending up in great savings.

Does QASA Smart Switch Boards fit into any modular switch board in a home?

Yes. QASA Switch Boards are prepared for all the standard switch board measurements. They fit into any modular switch board in a home.

At what stage of construction do we need to plan for Home Autoamtion?

We take pleasure to say you this, no planning is required. At any time you can choose to make your home automated and a Smart home.

Can we make our existing home automated?

Yes. You can simply adopt our technology even for an existing home and start enjoying our Smart Home Technology.